Rapid Detection Semi Automatic Cryostat Machine Microtome With Health Protection

Semi-Automatic Cryostat Microtome SYD-K2080, Cryostat Microtome, Shenyang YUDE

Function and Characteristics:


Control System: Computer-controlled automatic temperature, there are three temperature displayed on the LCD at the same time. The dynamic display can show the working conditions of all hardwares, include compressor A, compressor B, lighting, UV, defrost and going forward and drawing back of the motor, and freezing of the table and the knife. The machine has Counting Down display when the compressor is starting to work.


Four freezing points: Dual-compressors control system, there are four freezing points: freezing head, freezing knife, freezing table and freezing box. The freezing head can set different sectioning temperature according to different tissue.


Temperature Setting Range


Freezing Head -5℃ ~ -50℃
Freezing Knife -5℃ ~ -30℃
Freezing Table -20℃ ~ -50℃
Freezing Box -5℃ ~ -18℃


Freezing speed: there is no need to precool, the machine can get into freezing condition after starting up 10min. It can be switched off after finishing work to save the energy. It can also switch on day and night.


Health protection: There is no need to set the temperature very low, the section can be done with high quality and avoid stimulating the human body.


System protection: The rapid freezing system can be switched off manually anytime, and after working 8 hours, the rapid freezing system will switch off automatically.


Defrosting system: There are automatic and manual defrosting functions. It can set 1. Defrosting time interval 2.Defrosting time 3. Manual defrosting. The user can set the time interval according to local temperature. The defrosting function can be switched off anytime; the machine will get into freezing condition after switching off the defrosting function.


Mechanism: Excellent mechanical structure, the stability of the machine lie on the vertical cross rolling bearing, the mechanism is closed type and free from maintenance. Excellent mechanical performance: section cutting is exact, flat and stable; there is a fine anti-curling function.


Rapid Detection Semi Automatic Cryostat Machine Microtome With Health Protection


Rapid Detection Semi Automatic Cryostat Machine Microtome With Health Protection


The machine has UV disinfection function, the freezing box is provided with down comer so that clean is convenient.


The big freezing table is suitable for all hospitals.


The steel knife and the disposable blade are interchangeable.


Section repairing will be done outside the box in two ways: thin or thick.


The knife can go forward and draw back and move in fast or slow.


Tissue endothermic device: It can make tissue frozen rapidly with freezing table.


Techincal Parameters

  1. Range of section thickness: 0.5μm — 100μm step by 1μm from 1μm to 10μm step by 2μm from 10μm to 20μm step by 5μm from 20μm to 60μm
  2. Range of trimming thickness: 1-300μm
  3. Minimum division value of section: 0.5μm
  4. Distance of up-and-down movement of head: 60mm
  5. Distance of fore-and-aft movement of head: 28mm
  6. Range of temperature setting: -5℃— -60℃
  7. Working time of rapid freezing system: switch off automatically after working 8 hours
  8. Maximum sample: 50×70mm
  9. Range of angle adjustment of section knife: 0°— 10°
  10. Voltage: 220V
  11. Power: 750W
  12. Weight: 120kg
  13. Dimension: 680mm × 660mm ×1080mm

Cryostat Microtome

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